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Pedab Finance

Your financing partner in IT Equipment

Pedab Finance

Pedab Finance helps you finance your investments in IT solutions (hardware, software, and services)
as well as financing your customer finance services.

Our solutions is created through financing with equity or with bank financing, as we aim to always optimizing the customer’s capital use in relation to any investment. We are seen as a partner that helps facilitate the deal whatever it’s with customers own bank or other options.

What do we do

We have established partnerships with leading players in the finance and insurance industry, that enables us to offer our partners and customers a favorable financing with endless possibilities. Our specialist knowledge from the finance industry combined with our broad expertise and experience from the IT industry, means that we are comfortable with taken a position as strategic advisor.

Common goals

Our goal is to ensure, that we can reside on the optimal financial case, that solves your present and future needs. This often requires a meeting, to ensure that all details is clarified, before we can deliver a proposal.

We simplify your new investments and ensure a smooth process

We are proud to be seen as a trusted advice in financing

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Investment offerings

Rent: Applied when the economic life of the products is relatively short. There is no buy-out after end period, where the products can be return or purchased to current marked pricing.

Leasing: Applied when the economic life of the products is relative long. The customer is required to either acquire or assign another buyer of the equipment.

Framework agreement:
Applied for current investments on favorable terms. Together with the customer we estimate the size of the loans on a half-yearly basis and adjust if the needs changes.

Infrastructure & Platforms are here to help

No matter what IT equipment you and your company choose or evaluate right now, contact us and we will work out the financial concepts together and ensure that your investments are financed as efficiently as possible.