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Pedab Logistic Services

A road to a better customer satisfaction


Pedab Logistic Services is established to support our eco-system, as we have seen an increased need for diversified and agile offerings. We have a long history of distribution & delivering services to our clients, where we always seeks to find solutions, no matter the size of the challenge.

We recognize that in the modern era, no business are alike, thus we aspire to bring an agile forward-thinking approach to each challenge we face to solve.

We are here to become your trusted partner, to support your company with supply-chain optimization, asset management or integration.

3 core areas of Pedab Logistics

Asset Management: Maximize the use of old/dated equipment & validate when the timing is correct for replacements.

Supply-chain management: Offerings ranging from stuck optimization to outsourcing all or part of the warehouse to optimize cash-flow and customer satisfaction.

Integration: Utilize our abilities to test, integrate and deploy to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Infrastructure & Platforms are here to help

We are here to help to support your business whether it’s a customer specific one-off deal or if it’s outsourcing all or part of the supply chain.